Bruce Springsteen ~ Dancing in the Dark (1984)

Bruce Springsteen is a durable, beloved performer known for creating original, straight-up, un-gimmicky music with just a bit of his native New Jersey grit.

Bruce Springsteen photos 1974 and 2017
Bruce Springsteen (top) 1974 and (bottom) 2017

A handful of performers over the years have been given what might be called “honorary nicknames” that reflect their special place in the pantheon of performers. Elvis Presley was crowned “The King“, Frank Sinatra was elected “Chairman of the Board“, and Bruce Springsteen has been dubbed “The Boss“.

In addition to all his talent, he’s probably the most well-behaved rock music road warrior in history since his spouse of over 25 years, Patti Scialfa (a very well-trained musician in her own right), is a member of the band.

This tune hit the charts in 1984. And who was that cute brunette (above) he pulls from the audience?  Answer: a very young Courtney Cox. And the concert filming took place and the St. Paul Civic Center.