Canterbury Psalms

Canterbury Psalm Learning Aids

To assist Cathedral Choir members in quickly learning the Canterbury psalms, each part for each psalm has been electronically scanned, converted to audio, split out, and converted into a separate MP3 midi file with synthetic voices singing “ahhhh”.

  • In each file all 4 parts are audible but, for example, the Soprano is louder in the Soprano MP3, the Tenor is louder in the Tenor MP3, and so on.
  • In addition to the audio there is also a link to a PDF version of the psalm with words and notes (the 5th or last bullet in each group below). This is the same as what is contained in the aforementioned hard copy psalm booklet.
  • Find the Choir I/Choir II psalm roadmap on this page.
  • Check out this concise “Psalm Pointing 101” leaflet to refresh your memory on rules of the road for splitting syllables and other essentials. And in reading the article remember the terminology:


Psalm 142

Psalm 148

Psalm 150

Psalm 8

Psalm 13

Psalm 18

Psalm 107