Chance The Rapper ~ Sunday Candy (2014)

Chance the Rapper, a young Chicago native, is more than a “performer” — a force of nature might be a more accurate term.

This Grammy award winner is ubiquitous, having performed on stages all over the world, on late night talk shows, and even at the White House. He has moved rap forward by writing lyrics that are thoughtful and even complex, adding flexible instrumentation, and weaving in melodies and harmonies new to this genre.

Moreover, a case can be made that he single-handedly replacing the old pop music business model with a new and more fan-driven replacement. And as if that’s not enough he has a passion for doing the right thing with his wealth and fame.

Chance The Rapper – Sunday Candy SNL from ScousaJ on Vimeo.

Personal connection: My son Teddy introduced me to the music of Chance. We heard him perform at the 2016 Rock the Garden concert in Minneapolis. In terms of the audience, I am pretty sure I was the only person over 30 and the only one UNABLE to mouth each and every lyric.

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