Damages (2007–2012)

Of the many fine offerings on Netflix “Damages” – with Glenn Close playing a ruthless attorney with a lot of skeletons in her closet – remains my favorite.

In the Netflix portfolio, there have been some terrific shows but Damages remains for me at the top of the list.

Glenn Close plays a ruthless lawyer with a dark past. The foil to her character is Ellen Parsons (Australian actress Rose Byrne) who starts as her protégé and later becomes her adversary. Unlike other legal dramas, all 13 episodes in each season revolved around one large, complex legal case. The trailer here shows the setup for one season that becomes a kind of TV roman à clef portraying the rise and fall of disgraced investor Bernard Madoff. His wife is played by Lily Tomlin.

Personal connection: in 2014 I saw both Glenn Close and Lily Tomlin in person – the former in a show on Broadway, the latter at a fundraiser for Minnesota Senator Al Franken (see the photo the senator and me elsewhere). Both women are national treasures. My wife and I spoke to Lily for a few minutes. She was warm and friendly with a quick and very dry wit — a class act in every way.

Bob Oganovic, Lily Tomlin and Kate Oganovic-summer 2014
Bob Oganovic, Lily Tomlin and Kate Oganovic-summer 2014

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