My Wife and My Son

Kathleen (“Kate)

Kate Oganovic August 2014
Kate Oganovic, August 2014

Kathleen grew up in Edina, Minnesota. She attended the University of Minnesota and received a BA in history. She later received Masters degrees in Business Administration from the University of St Thomas and English as a Second Language from the University of Minnesota.

Kate has worked in banking, non-profits, retail, and education. She has been politically active on behalf of several local and statewide candidates as well as initiatives related to marriage rights and gun control.

We were married in 1979 and became parents in 1993.

Theodore (“Ted” or “Teddy”)

Teddy Oganovic, March 2016
Teddy Oganovic, March 2016

Teddy grew up in Minneapolis and received his high school diploma in 2011. He works full-time at the Foot Locker located in the Midway Shopping Center in St. Paul. Teddy enjoys cooking, listening to music, and hanging out with his many friends.

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