WordPress Skills

WordPress – What I Know and What I’ve Done

I have been working on WordPress since 2016.  I have done this as a volunteer, independent contractor, and employee of WorshipTimes.  Check out the details below.

Website creation and maintenance

  • Creating, registering, and transferring domains (Network SolutionsDomainIt)
  • Installing WP locally and on host and creating child theme (Child Themify)
  • Working on cPanel and WP Administrator page
  • Migrating “legacy” websites to WP from Wix and Joomla)
  • Analyze existing website in terms of how best to move into WP
  • Working with themes and frameworks (WordPress, GenesisDivi)
  • Comparing, loading, testing, and configuring plugins
  • Measuring website speed (Google Tools, WebPagetest, GTMetrix)
  • Creating copies of website for testing on local PC (Duplicator) and staging footprint (WP Staging)
  • Tailoring security to user needs — implementing SSL certificates (SSL Insecure Content Fixer, Let’s Encrypt), creating “members-only” pages/menus (Simple Membership), protecting members-only Media Library access (Wordfence),
  • Managing backup (Updraft) and WP updates (Softaculous)
  • Creating documentation (see redacted examples of user and technical documents)
  • Evaluating hosting services and implementation partners
  • Moving WP site from one hosting service to another
  • Working with helpdesk of hosting service (A Small Orange)

Page/menu content development and update

  • Creating/adapting/cloning pages and linking them to menus
  • Adding anchors/jumps between and within pages
  • Adding capability for search (Search Everything), user comments, graphical hotspots (Draw Attention), tables (TablePress), FAQs (Accordion Pro)
  • Creating favicon
  • Using editing tools (Grammarly)
  • Embedding external content (LinkedIn, YouTube, SoundCloud, Amazon, Google Drive)
  • Implementing events management (Events Manager) and organizational calendar (WP FullCalendar)
  • Testing for responsiveness across tablet and mobile platforms and adjusting pages as necessary
  • Editing pages for SEO attributes such as keywords, slugs, titles, captions, readability (Yoast)
  • Reviewing for consistency of fonts, headers, links/jumps
  • Flagging duplicate posts and broken links (Broken Link Checker)
  • Creating sitemap (Slick Sitemap)

Media and Media Library management

Form creation

  • Creating forms (Gravity, WPForms)
  • Editing and flagging fields (optional/mandatory)
  • Allowing upload of documents
  • Generating tailored, automated email messages acknowledging completion of the application
  • Storing email and other information entered for subsequent communications (MailChimp)
  • Generating SQL reports showing data entered into forms

WordPress skill sources

Kudos from users of the new Wells Foundation website